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Our process

From when we meet, here is the process, as a guide that you should be aware of:
(this all happens over a period of several months prior to the wedding)


Firstly fill out the enquiry form here, to see if I am available and I reply to your enquiry.


We then meet over coffee and discuss the following: (first the coffee, which must be good)

Your Wedding:

  • Venue and dates
  • Planning your ceremony
  • Length of the ceremony
  • Vows – percsonal / traditional
  • Dress code
  • A short message – you decide
  • The rings
  • The entrance and exit
  • Signing the Marriage Register


I will email you all of the relevant infomation you need:

  • List of things I need
  • My fees


Then I gather your documents, which you can scan and email to me or I can collect:

  • Copies of ID’s
  • Photos
  • Attorney’s letter


  • I will plan out all of the documentation, before the wedding.
  • On the special day, I will arrive 30 minutes before the start of the wedding.
  • After the ceremony and we have signed the Marriage Register, I will present you with your Marriage Certificate.
  • Contact me if you have any questions about this.