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Basic needs of men and women in marriage

Man’s is physical, in the body.  

Woman’s is psychological, in the soul.

Because of this, God wants Unity to begin in the spiritual (see above diagram).  If the husband has been taught to meet his wife’s needs on the level of the soul then she will meet the man’s need on the physical.  (Note: Remember, males, a woman hasn’t the same sex drive as a man. This is a biological fact.  A woman produces 1 ovum per month and the male’s equivalent is one hundred, thousand million!  With this, hormones are produced.  The ratio is so much greater in a man – so men have that drive. Therefore, man is stimulated by what he sees– Satan knows this and that is why women go half-dressed, there are pawn books, etc. Satan is interested in not getting a man unclothed but a woman – fashion.  Biblical standard – teach a woman to dress modestly.  Women must ask themselves this question when they stand in front of a mirror. What effect would I have on a man as I am dressed now?

Woman are stimulated by touch.

Eph. 5:25-26   Word – Communication is what a woman needs – the husband must give this to satisfy her basic need in her soul.  Men only communicate on a superficial level e.g. apart how is the weather? . . . etc.  E.g. of a ministering pastor, counselling women . . .etc.

A man needs an area of authority

He must exercise this in the family (not over his secretary or work). God gave man an area to minister, to lead and to administer – the home.  Man must protect so that his wife’s security is not threatened.

A woman needs materialistic security

A wife needs a home, a place of security, a place she can call her own.  That’s why it’s important for a husband to give love and reassurance.  God always reassures us through His promises.  Eph. 5:22-33.  Just as in a marriage the husband is to reassure the wife – it’s security “I Love You” often.

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