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As set out at by the South African Department of Home Affairs website

From the South African Bride and Groom, I need:

  • South African ID books / cards.
  • 3 x passport-size photos of each of you.

  • a letter from your Attorney, (not the contract) if a pre-nup / marriage contract has been signed. 

  • If either is divorced: a clear copy of the Divorce Certificate (Final Decree of Divorce).

  • If either is widowed: a copy of the Death Certificate.

From your two witnesses, I need:

  • a clear copy of their South African ID book / ID card (both sides).

From Foreigners I need:

  • Clear copy of Passport.

  • Clear copy of the entry stamp in your passport.

  • Copy of Visa (if applicable)

  • A Letter of No Impediment, issued by your Embassy / Consulate. Translation to English too, if applicable.

  • An Interview may be necessary, arranged by Home Affairs.


  • At your wedding, after signing the Marriage Register, I will give you your official Abridged Marriage Certificate.

  • If you require an Unabridged Marriage Certificate, I will guide you through this process and application.

  • I am a Commissioner of Oaths, so I will certify all original copies given / sent to me. No need to go to SAPS :-D 


Requirements, documents and registration process details from South Africa Department of Home Affairs.

Sample of The Marriage Register DHA-30 (the book that is signed by the bride, groom and witnesses).

- Understanding The Unabridged Marriage Certificate (and Abridged Marriage Certificate).

- About Apostille, how does it work?

- The Letter of No Impediment, how does it work?


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